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  • About DarkNova.io

    Work with your team to dominate the other opposition, all while flying customizable ships that go "pew pew pew."

    Earn money from doing well, and use that money to upgrade your ship, or buy a new ship all together.

  • How to play DarkNova.io

    Hit "H" at any point for the help menu. But basically, WASD moves your ship, which will follow your cursor. Open the shop to "Y", but only at the start of the round.

  • DarkNova.io Strategy

    You only have one life, so savor it. It's a team game, so play it as such, or the opposition will surely wipe the floor with you.

    The goal is basically capture the flag, only it's a gem. Don't be so concerned with blowing stuff up, as fun as that is. Just grab the gem and high-tail it back to base.

    You can also salvage upgrades from dead players - great if you're in a tight spot.