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  • About Cyclewars.io

    You are a car that leaves a trail of destruction in its wake ... literally. As you drive around the arena, you leave a glowing trail behind you. If another player (or yourself!) drives into this trail, they will meet with an instant demise. You can either go on the offensive, chasing down other players and trying to lure them into your iridescent trail o' doom, or try to play it safe, staying out of everybody's way until they take themselves out. Either way, you're going to need some pretty fast reflexes!

  • How to play Cyclewars.io

    Steer with WASD or arrow keys. Use space bar or left click for a temporary speed boost.

  • Cyclewars.io Strategy

    You can go on the offensive by creating a light rail trap around your enemies. You can also just play defense, trying to stay out of everybody else's way until they all bite the dust. Be careful not to drive into your own trial! Use the dash option to make a speedy exit.