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  • About Curvefever.io

    CurveFever is a super addicting and well made game and community, filled with lots of rewards and out of game klout. This game is super competitive and pits you in a series of rounds against other players, fighting for the number one spot with the most rewards. The controls are simple but the strategy is complex, so get ready to be entertained for hours on end...

  • How to play Curvefever.io

    Arrow Keys Left and Right to move
    Don't run into any of the lines, enemies or your own, or you will die!

  • Curvefever.io Strategy

    You can pass through the walls, so the map has no edges, use this to your advantage. Try to cut off enemy players so that they run into your lines.

    Don't forget to pick up powerups, they will greatly increase your chances of surviving!

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