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  • About Cosmo.sx

    You start playing Cosmo in a small ship that's simply begging to get pimped out. Make your ride the best it can be by collecting resources to make it the biggest and baddest in the galaxy. You can improve your in 8 different ways up to 10 times. As long as you watch out for the other ships and black holes, you'll have a smooth ride cruising to the top of the leaderboard.

  • How to play Cosmo.sx

    WASD - Move; LMB - shoot

  • Cosmo.sx Strategy

    Level yourself up by collecting resources. Doing this by destroying meteors will give you the upper hand when it comes to dealing damage to the others around you. Watch out for the black holes that occur once planets reach a minimum size- those will have no mercy on anyone or anything in this world. If you get close to one, press two of the direction arrows at the same time to give yourself an extra boost and get out of the way.