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  • About Celestia.io

    It's Nibbles, but you're a sphere instead of a worm. Essentially, you are a big puffy ball floating around space with an insatiable appetite for dots. Your goal is to be the "leader," meaning the biggest puffball in the arena. The more you eat, the bigger you get. However, bigger you are, the slower you move. Art imitates life ...

  • How to play Celestia.io

    Use your mouse to direct your sphere. Little green arrows show you where other players are. Right click or spacebar to boost. Left click to shoot. When you kill another player, they turn into food pellets. Boost will help you escape in a pinch, but it will cost you some of your food (and mass).

  • Celestia.io Strategy

    Keep an eye out for recently expired players. Their murder scene is an excellent place to scavenge tasty dots. When you are very big, it's easier to kill other players than it is to hunt down dots. You can fire at your enemies' projectiles. This will not just deflect the shot, it will turn it into a food pellet. You can use your boost to get away from an enemy. This will hurl food at them, causing them to slow down.

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