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  • About CatsVsDogs.io

    Pick a side in Cats Vs Dogs and then show which side - cat or dog - reigns supreme. Choose your animal, eat, grow big, and claim territory in the name of your faction. Then spend any gold you earn from your adventures to make yourself the meanest dog (or cat) in the park.

  • How to play CatsVsDogs.io

    Move with WASD.
    Aim your cute little paws with the mouse.
    Use your sharp little claws to eviscerate your foes with the left mouse button.
    Poop with the right mouse button and dash forward with your empty stomach (also consumes some of your size).
    Open up shops or other buildings with E.

    You can also attack shrubs and bushes to claim them for you team. If you stake your claim in three adjoining bushes, you'll claim the territory and any buildings in that area.

  • CatsVsDogs.io Strategy

    Manifest destiny. If territory isn't yours, take it. If you already have it, defend it with your life. You can also boost the hitpoints of bushes in your territory by attacking them.