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  • About CarArena.io

    Splatter your way to victory in CarArena.io. Spawn into an arena littered with colorful blobs. Run them over. Run them all over. Get kills to level up and earn a new car, but try not to crash. Making contact with the red blocks will reduce your health. Lose it all, and it's game over (at least until you respawn).

  • How to play CarArena.io

    Steer the car with your mouse, and use space or click your mouse button for a temporary speed boost.

    The objective of CarArena.io is to focus on splattering blobs and avoiding players much higher leveled than you, as well as the red blocks.

  • CarArena.io Strategy

    Focus on running over blobs, but if you see any low-leveled players, then feel free to use your speedboost and run them down, but higher-leveled players could squash you just as easily, so avoid them.

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