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  • About Brutes.io

    Brutes is a FFA punching game. Pound your enemies with your fists till they die, soak up the orbs they drop to level up, become bigger and a lot more powerful, and use power ups to give you the edge against bigger enemies. But watch out for the really big enemies.

  • How to play Brutes.io

    Move around with WASD, and punch with the left mouse button. Hold for a more powerful punch that can knockback and stun. (Plays better with a controller.)

    Smash enemies into little bits and then use those little bits to level up. You can also gain little bits from attacking special props in the environment, as well as a few NPC critters.

  • Brutes.io Strategy

    Be opportunistic. If two players are already duking it out, hop in there and finish them both off. Or grab a bomb if there's a big melee and make an even bigger boom.

    Run. Whoever's topping the leaderboard can probably stomp you dead if they get close enough to you, so don't let them.

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