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  • About BrawlieS

    It's a Battle Royale in the Brawlies arena ... who will survive? In Brawlies, you battle up to 9 other players. Outwit or overpower other players using four skills: fire, ice, poison, and health. Roam around the map to collect the coins required to use these skills. Be judicious with the use of the skills, though, as the more you use a skill, the more coins it will require! In addition to defending yourself from other players, you also have to be on the lookout for monsters. The last player standing wins!

  • How to play BrawlieS

    Skills are used with Z,X,C, and V.

    Press Z to select fire. Fire deices other players.
    Press X to select ice. Ice freezes other players.
    Press C to select poison. Poison decreases other players' life.
    Press V to select health. Health increases your life.

    Press Space to deice yourself.

    Each skill has a certain cost. Gain coins to use the skills. Skill cost increases with use. Steer clear of the monster!

  • BrawlieS Strategy

    Be wary of how you use your coins. Use of skills comes with a cost and this cost increases with each use. Stay away from monsters at all cost!