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  • About Bomby.io

    In Bomby, you move your Emoji through the minefield to grab jewels and avoid the meanies. This arcade style game has a great soundtrack, eye candy graphics, and lots of level ups to keep you satisfied. You can even drop bombs to pop the meanies and other players!

  • How to play Bomby.io

    Just mouse pointer to direct your Emoji
    Left click to drop bombs
    Right click for speed boost

    Don't get popped!

  • Bomby.io Strategy

    Be careful to dodge the meanies and other players bombs, once a meanie touches you, you will become stunned and more will come. It is hard to get away once you are stunned.

    Collect as many gems as you can, meanies drop gems and riches, so make sure to blow them up.

    Speed past any potential threat with your boost, and try your best to get to the top of the scoreboard!