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  • About Bombsgame.io

    Bombsgame is a game about bombs, and a man. One might even say that you are a bomber, man. Set bombs to blow up bricks, earn points and resources, avoid enemies, and take advantage of nifty power-ups that allow you to do tricks such as walking through walls.

    There are three classes to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. So no matter how you wish to bomb, there's a bomber for you.

  • How to play Bombsgame.io

    Move with WASD, and plant bombs with the space bar. Use your classes special ability with E. It's truly that simple. Why waste time when all you really want to do is watch the world blow up?

  • Bombsgame.io Strategy

    Use your special abilities to your advantage. The athlete can jump over blocks, which will allow you to plan those boomy-things in the perfect spot to catch the most bricks with the blast.

    You have to think strategically if you want to be the best bomber the world has ever seen.