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  • About Bomber7.io

    Bomber7 is a multiplayer game in which you plant bombs.. a lot... man. If you've played any of the Bomberman iterations over the years, then you know what you're in for. You're a man, with a lot of bombs, and you need to blow your way through a maze to earn score while avoiding other bombing men.

  • How to play Bomber7.io

    Move around with "WASD" (or the arrow keys)
    Plant bombs with space.
    Use special abilities with "A", "Z", and "E".

    As your blow your way through the maze, destroying various blocks, you'll uncover power-ups. These will either level up various stats (such as speed and bomb capacity) or replenish your special abilities. Blowing up blocks also runs the risk of uncovering negative power-ups (let's call these power-downs). One of them fears you and messes with your controls. Watch out for those.

  • Bomber7.io Strategy

    Your best strategy is to entrap other players. If you can make their game a veritable mine field, then you'll either kill them, or make it so precarious for them to earn points that you'll win anyway.

    Also, try to use those power-downs against enemy players by guiding them toward the the hazards with well-placed bombs.