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  • About BombArena.io

    In this riff on the classic Bomberman, you get 10 minutes to either take out all of your enemies or achieve the highest score. You start out with only one bomb, but can accrue more bombs (and gain other powerups) from broken bricks. You and 7 other players spawn inside a maze-like arena. Your goal is to blow other players to smithereens while also avoiding the same sad fate.

  • How to play BombArena.io

    Use arrow keys to move. Space bar to drop a bomb. Enter is used for chatting.

    The goal is to bomb other players. Each round is 10 minutes. When the round is up, the player with the highest score wins. Power ups can be found when certain blocks are destroyed. They are: speed up, slow down, xxl bomb, and extra bombs.

  • BombArena.io Strategy

    Try to corner your opponents to prevent them from avoiding the explosion. Be careful not to get hurt by your own bombs. Try not to get trapped in a dead end -- you can't walk through bombs!