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  • About Blockor.io

    Blockor.io is a multiplayer Tetris style variation of agario. Start as a lowly block and collect other blocks to grow your mass. Locate other players and crash into them to send their blocks flying across the map!

  • How to play Blockor.io

    Your block will follow your cursor. Use the A or D button to rotate your blocky creation. Careful in doing so, as any attached blocks that haven't formed into a solid structure will break free from your structure. Press the W key to drop single blocks in front of you.

    Destroying an enemy structure is easy, simply crash into them. The hard part is staying alive!

  • Blockor.io Strategy

    This game actually takes into account which part of your character takes in the block. Because of this, it is important to think strategically about how you connect the blocks together so that you can have the strongest shape available.

    A good way to trap smaller enemies is to bait them into a wall. It severely limits their escape route. If you can trap them in a corner, even better!

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