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  • About Bloble.io

    Wage a war of pointy soldiers with Bloble.io. In this 2D strategy game with minimalist art style, you start with but a command center, and it's up to you to expand out, building unit-producing barracks, generators to power your buildings, houses to increase the maximum amount of units you can have at one time, and turrets for killing anyone who comes knocking.

  • How to play Bloble.io

    Bloble has the slightest of learning curves. Your base of operations is actually quite small, so it's up to you to decide the best way in which to place your buildings, or else you'll be in a cram-packed powder keg, ready to blow at the first signs of trouble.

    But if you're successful, and your army flourishes, you'll want to venture off in search of new land. Just follow the dotted line to the nearest base and lay waste.

  • Bloble.io Strategy

    Strategies for strategy games run long and deep (hence their name) but in general, the best defense is a good offense. If you're able to build and maintain an army to be reckoned with, there are few who would dare reckon with you.

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