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  • About Blobber.io

    Life as a blob is rough in Blobber.io, a game inspired by Agar.io. You start small, but if you're able to survive and consume as much as possible, you'll grow to gargantuan sizes. Take advantage of the power-ups scattered about to give you an even larger edge.

  • How to play Blobber.io

    Move with your mouse. Spacebar splits your blob in half, allowing you to chase down much smaller blobs (or sacrifice some of your mass to escape from bigger blobs), or press W to eject some mass.

  • Blobber.io Strategy

    When a player bigger than you splits, take this as an opportunity to eat up his smaller portions. Eat enough of them, and suddenly you're the bigger blob and you can consume him whole.

    The power-ups can you a huge advantage either chasing or running, especially the speed boost.

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