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  • About Blash.io

    Blash is a 2D battle game where you lob projectiles at other players while become massive by amassing mass. Choose from a wide variety of avatars, including blue orb with projectile snout, pink orb with projectile snout, Jesus with a projectile snout, and Donald Trump with a projectile snout. You get bigger by eating food (which is helpfully ejected by and located right near some spinning saws). The goal is to be the biggest-snout-orb with the longest list of kills.

  • How to play Blash.io

    Use mouse to move and aim. Hold W or left mouse button to fire. Spacebar dashes. Hold spacebar to sprint. E toggles autofire. Restore your life meter and get larger by eating food.

  • Blash.io Strategy

    Destroy the gears and unleash a shower of projectile orbs in all directions. Try to shoot at other players while they're gathering food ... you may just push them into a saw! If you can get the fire orb, you gain a huge offensive bonus.

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