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  • About Bist.io

    Bist.io puts you in the pilot’s seat of a tank. Your mission? To lay waste to anyone who opposes you. Star out by riding around blowing up crates and collecting power-ups as well as upgrades. Then, shoot at anyone who even glances your way. Show them that this is your turf, and that they are wholly unwanted. Or if you’re on the defensive, take cover behind the many blocks strewn across the map. If they can’t hit you, they can’t kill you. Duck and weave.

    Or, if the thought of killing anyone who stands in the way of you and your tank does not sit well with your pacifist lifestyle, then you can try to avoid combat altogether and simply accrue power until you discover your true purpose in the Bist.io life. Sometimes, it’s nice to know that you’re just better than everyone else, even if you’re also a benevolent enough leader not to make everyone else’s tank-life a living hell. Bist.IO shares a lot in common with the old NES game, Battlecity. Only this one is free, free-for-all, and more massively multiplayer.

  • How to play Bist.io

    The controls are simple. Move your tank with the WASD (or arrow) keys, and spam left click to shoot. Focus on collecting crates and the upgrade stars. With these, you can choose to either upgrade your various stats (health, regeneration, bullet speed, bullet damage, etc.) or you can stockpile all of your upgrade points, and once you max them out, you’re granted an even more powerful tank.

  • Bist.io Strategy

    The primary strategy in Bist.io amounts to but one thing: kill or be killed. Or avoid combat all together - if you can somehow pull that off. The map is fairly small, so it's best to be on the offensive, especially if you're able to properly lead the tank shells. The better you can hit your target, the more dangerous you'll become.

    Thought it might seem somewhat dishonorable, if you see two players dueling it out, swoop in and take them both out. This is war, after all. Not only will this help to ensure your own survival, you'll get double the upgrade stars, and you'll become a force to be reckoned with even faster.

    If you've had good luck collecting upgrade stars, it might be a good idea to hold off from upgrading your tank's stats and instead upgrading to the next tank tier. This will make you more powerful across the board.

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