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  • About Bellum: Legacy

    Strategy games can inherently be a slow endeavor. So what better way to stave off that boredom as you expand and wage war than to mix the formula with an idle game. Click, expand, click, expand. Then capture tiles, upgrade tiles, build your empire, and crumble all those who oppose you. Or, buddy up and live in harmony. But when has that ever happened?

  • How to play Bellum: Legacy

    Bedlam is split into two primary game modes: mega rounds and quick play. Mega rounds are, well, mega. These matches last for a few hours, and whoever has the best score wins. Quick play is a bite-sized version of the game

    Either mode is played similarly. Pan the camera by clicking and dragging, and click on tiles nearby your base to begin expanding. Snap back to your first base by hitting H.

    Meanwhile, build up your military power (the primary resource of the game) by clicking, or generate MP passively by purchasing troops and other units up to a cap. Increase this cap by capture special tiles marked with a skill point.

    All tiles become more expensive to purchase and upgrade the further you go from your base.

  • Bellum: Legacy Strategy

    Much like the 4X games out there (such as civilization) the strategy depends entirely how you want to play. You can turtle up and accrue power, steadily expanding out and gobbling up the tiles near you. You can wage war hard and early, trying to take out enemies before they have a chance to really dig in.

    You can ally up with other players, or even focus on having the most prosperous economy.