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  • About Beachfight.io

    Beachball battle in the hot sun! Beachfight will bring you summer spirit in the dead of winter, letting you pelt your opponents with beachballs until they turn into a sand castle full of loot! You level up for boosts and you are ranked based on your killing potential, so make sure to secure those beachball knockouts!

  • How to play Beachfight.io

    Move: Use WASD and/or Arrow Keys
    Aim: in the direction of the mouse cursor
    Fire: in the direction of mouse cursor by clicking LMB
    Charge: Hold LMB to grow projectile. Release LMB to fire
    Craft: Hold LMB even longer after the charged projectile has reached it's maximum size. Release LMB to fire a more dangerous shot!

  • Beachfight.io Strategy

    This game is all about dodging and firing, so make sure you sidestrafe as you chase down an opponent to secure the kill. After you've defeated someone, make sure to destroy their sand castle for extra loot! If you have snuck up on an opponent hold down your shot to charge it up, possible slaying them in one shot!