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  • About Battlestick.net

    BattleStick poses the question of what a bunch of stickmen would do if they were all locked in a room together, or in this case a 2D platforming level. They'd kill each other, obviously, with hilarious physics and a variety of weapons. Choose between an FFA or a Team Deathmatch multiplayer mode in this action game.

  • How to play Battlestick.net

    Move around with WAD/arrow keys. Selecting S or the down arrow will cause you to feign death and regenerate health. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button, and drop an explosive satchel with the right. Pressing the button again will cause you to explode the satchel.

  • Battlestick.net Strategy

    Learn how to make the most of the feign death ability. Timing it perfectly with an attack that would otherwise kill you will make you look like the most skillful stick in existence.

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