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  • About BattleCube.online

    You're a cardboard box..with a gun. Does it get any better?!

    Load up Battlecube and enter into this (weirdly) satisfying 3D third-person shooter arena!

  • How to play BattleCube.online

    Move: WASD keys
    Space: Jump
    Mouse: Aim
    Shoot: Left click (your gun will auto reload after firing all rounds)
    Q: Select Weapon

    Join an existing server, or start your own lobby and wait for people to fill in. Invite up to 7 of your friends to join in on the action!

    Recommendation: Go to options -> network - > and select USA East as default region

  • BattleCube.online Strategy

    Use terrain and objects (trees, stones, and structures) as cover, as you hunt your next target. Look for a way to jump onto structures (with Spacebar), to gain a high-ground advantage against your enemy.

    Remember that you have unlimited ammunition, but you'll have to reload your clip. If you finish someone off with 2 bullets left, shoot them off so you'll be reloaded and ready for your next victim!

    If you're feeling extra sneaky, you can use the laser to pick people off or knife them from up close with your boxcutter!