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  • About Battleboats.io

    Battleboats is a well designed 10 vs 10 multiplayer battle game filled with team play, explosions, and customizable ships. The sea brings dangerous times, and you will need to be focused to survive, so whether you are on team red or team blue, make sure you watch for enemies and help your teammates when they are in danger!

  • How to play Battleboats.io

    WASD or Mouse to steer your ship, Space to Fire. All ships have different types of guns and will prompt you on screen for the specifics of your ship.

  • Battleboats.io Strategy

    Collect XP loot crates to increase your level, and as you increase your level you will be much more powerful. If you see special loot icons you have the ability to change your ship type, which can be helpful depending on the situation.

    AVOID THE TRAPS! There are lasers that appear between nodes, these will destroy you. The turret gun will also destroy you if you don't destroy it first.

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