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  • About Battl.io

    This competitive IO game will have you playing for hours, and when you finally get the hang of it you will climb in the leaderboards. Battl.IO is a fast paced top down shooter that draws heavily on many skill based shooter games, like Counterstrike. There are a variety of classes available and you earn upgrades as you slay enemies...

  • How to play Battl.io

    WASD to Move
    Click to Fire
    Other abilities will have on screen prompts

  • Battl.io Strategy

    Choose your weapon and armor to match your play style. Do you like to hide and snipe? Grab a rifle and heavy armor. Do you prefer to be fast and spray tons of bullets? SMG and no armor for you.

    The more enemies you kill the greater upgrades you get, making it harder and harder to be defeated.