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  • About Arraw.io

    Arraw.io is a multiplayer archery game. Draw your string, pray your aim is straight and true, and fill your enemy with arrows until they fall over dead. Choose between the chargeable main attack, or a elemental secondary attack that is granted by gathering orbs on the map.

  • How to play Arraw.io

    Arraw.io makes it fairly easy to live out your Robin Hood fantasies. Simply move your character with WASD and aim your bow with the mouse. Then just shoot. Hold down the left mouse button to let lose a powered attack, or press left click repeatedly to spew out arrows like a machine gun.

    This, however, depletes your arrow count as quickly, which is where the game's upgrade system comes in. Farm cute little robot-looking rabbit-things to suck up their life force, and then use that life force to upgrade eight separate stats, from damage, to arrow regen speed, to max health.

  • Arraw.io Strategy

    If you can't aim, spam. It's a simple strategy, really. If you're having a hard time powering up an attack and hitting a target with it, then feel free to press that left mouse button as quickly as possible. The more arrows you shoot, the harder they will be to dodge. That's just physics and probability. But due take note that unless you've leveled up your arrow regen stat, you'll quickly run out of arrows and be a sitting duck. So be sure that at least a few of those arrows land on their target. If not, you'll look cool, but that's about it.

    There are also bushes placed randomly around the map. Hide in one of these, especially if you see an enemy coming for you. Then shoot them dead. Or, if you're smart, preemptively fire arrows into these bushes to kill anyone who might be waiting to ambush you - because there's nothing more satisfying than to ambush the ambusher.

    In addition to these bushes, there are also metal drums placed randomly around the map. These are great for avoiding enemies since they're about the only prop in Arraw.io that arrows cannot penetrate. So, if you're up against an especially talented foe - one that can pierce their own arrow straight down the middle, then do yourself a favor and have them chase you in circles around these drums. That way, they will at least have to work for the privilege of killing you.