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  • About Anomal.io

    Anomal is a fun variation on your standard IO game, allowing you to choose from 1 of 3 starting animals in cube form and explore the map seeking food and smaller enemies. Eat the apples and pork to grow in size, and eat your enemies to grow in size as well as eliminate them. As you get bigger, use farts to propel yourself to eat smaller enemies. This game has an end, the first player to 1000 points wins the round.

    Beware of the mushrooms!

  • How to play Anomal.io

    Your overall goal is to reach 1000 points, and to do that you must be the biggest and best player. Use WASD to move around and Spacebar to fart, propelling you forward for a boost.

  • Anomal.io Strategy

    Mushrooms are dangerous to large players, so when you are small hide behind them, trying to bait them into the mushroom which will cause them to explode. You can eat them after they explode, there will be apples and meat everywhere. As you get larger, try to stay in the middle of the map where there are less mushrooms and more players for you to eat. Don't forget to fart using space to catch slippery prey!

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