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  • About Agario

    Agario is the IO game that started it all. Literally. It became so popular so quickly that it influenced many of the IO games to come. Start as a tiny "cell," eat orbs to grow larger, and then consume other players who are smaller to grow even more and top the scoreboard..

  • How to play Agario

    Guide your cell with your mouse. Space splits your cell into two equally-sized cell (repeatable), and W ejects mass in order to give yourself a speed boost.

  • Agario Strategy

    The general strategy is to avoid being eaten, but it gets pretty complicated from here on out. There's a lot to be said to how much you boost (don't waste all your mass going faster - you'll just shrink indefinitely). Splitting also takes finesse. It'll give you an advantage over cells you're hunting, but it will also leave you vulnerable until you recombine.