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  • About Agar.io

    Agar.io, the original mass collection game that started the entire IO craze! You play as a cell, with skin you can customize over time, and you want to absorb other cells to grow your mass. You can pick up new mass off the battlefield or by absorbing smaller players, but beware, there is almost always someone larger than you trying to absorb you!

  • How to play Agar.io

    Mouse to Move
    W - Shoot off mass
    Spacebar - Split mass evenly

  • Agar.io Strategy

    Try your best not to get cornered. Use the destructive blobs to your advantage when being chased by larger blobs, as it will cause them to explode. Don't be afraid to drop some mass using W when you need to escape fast, as it is better to cut and run than be completely absorbed!

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