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  • About 5mintokill.io

    5 Minutes to Kill! brings you an intense PVP Battle arena free for all shooter, where only the last one standing gets any glory! These bite sized game session let you hop on and off in the middle of work or homework, quickly playing a round or two before getting back to the task at hand. So grab a gun, some ammo, and defend yourself until you are the last one standing with all the glory!

  • How to play 5mintokill.io

    WASD to Move
    Click to Fire
    Mouse to Aim
    E or Right Click to interact with items/doors

  • 5mintokill.io Strategy

    Grab a gun, some ammo, and stay near the edges. Walls cannot be seen through, so corners and blind spots are always great places to hide. Try to lead your shots when in a firefight, since the bullets need time to travel.