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  • About 123shoot.io

    Engage in a fierce battle of wits with a rocket-powered fist in 123shoot, an IO game based on the classic game, Rock, Paper, Scissors .

  • How to play 123shoot.io

    Your rocket-powered fist will follow your cursor, for better or worse. You can swap between the different "stances" with 1 (Rock), 2 (Paper), and 3 (Scissors). And collect the energy around the map and boost by mouse-clicking.

    If Rock, Paper, Scissors is a foreign concept to you, then Rock beats Scissors, which beats Paper, which beats Rock. It's the circle of life.

  • 123shoot.io Strategy

    Outwit your opponent. Rocket-fist your way toward your opponent as a scissors. If they're smart, they'll counter you with rock, so switch to paper at the last second.